Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My first class in Lander

    Today is  September 6th,Tuesday,I attend Montessori taught by  Barbare Ervin,Director of Montessori Program. First of all,Ervin introduced herself and let us make self-intruduction. 
    After the self-introduction,Ervin tell us some important details about Montessori Course.I get the syllabus,and I think it useful for me to get a general idea about the course ,to prepare my assignment well.
    During the class,Ervin introduce Montessori to us ,such as when was she born and from?how did she apply to medical school?how did she do some research?and how did she dedicate herself to education?and some highlights of he career,etc.Then ,the vidio named "nurturing the love of learning" impressed me.It described that the Montessori method is bases upon the child's natural desire to learn.This method stresses active,hands-on learning in a prepared classroom environment that contains attractive and carefully sequenced materials.

         I'm the lucky one because Lander is the only institution of higher learning in South Carolina to offer a program leading to national certification in Montessori education. AndWith a longstanding tradition of producing talented teachers, Lander’s Department of Teacher Education focuses on empowering and encouraging students to become not only competent professionals, but also lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

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