Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tour of Lide Apartment

It is a new beginning  of a new week, I looked from the balcony ,drizzling out of the window, this is the fifth time raining here.

I came to the office, smelling  a fragrance, there are  three pots of beautiful flowers provided by the Japanese Lady who gave the Tea ceremony.She is very nice.

A few minutes later,Jennifer came and took me to the lectures given by Amy to give the Business College Students a presentation on “Strategies for successful interviewing”.She gave us a lively class filled with practical experience and examples.

After lunch, I had a meeting with the Ra of Lide Appartment,Jalysa.She is a senior student,being a RA for three years.There are five buildings in this area, each building has an RA, each two-bedroom apartment houses four students.All apartments are completely furnished and feature a full kitchen ,private bath,living room and carpet.

In the process of her introduction,I can easily feel that she loves Lander very much.And she is proud of to be a RA,she also told me the most important to be a RA is the the ability to cooperate with others.

Time went fast ,It’s time for my Chinese Conversation Class.The students came to class early, and when I walked into the classroom, they use the Chinese to say ‘HELLO’ to me .I’m very happy to hear that and they pronounced well.In this class,we reviewed what we have learned last class,including initialfinaltonepolite expression and class expressionThen,we had a new lesson on ‘Name and Identity’There a lot of new words phrases and text  to learnSo all the students were very diligent and practiced more and more in the class.I hope they can spend a period of  time to practice at home so that they can make progress.

    In my class ,I also have an introduction about Shanghai Normal University and some famous scenic  spot  of Shanghai.

I can feel that all the students are very interested in it and asked me to show more about Chinese Culture next class.

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