Saturday, September 17, 2011

my colleagues in my office

Ever since had the  office, Jeff Boyoung and I, also get along very harmoniously, although we had come from different home, but destined to work together.

Jeff is a very humorous and family person. He has two daughters, very lovely. He has been working in Lander for 18 years.He worked in the Student  Affairs Department  for student activities before he worked in International Program Department.

      The students liked him, and there are many students see him, whether there is  a problem needs his help or not. He also give warmly give the best help. He told he will go to China on November, but I saw his schedule, unfortunately there is no Shanghai. But I still give him a introduction of the  places he will visit and their approximate position in China. I think his trip to China will certainly promot the relationship between the Lander University and Asia, especially China.

Boyoung, a very independent girl! I always appreciate her smile, he always gave me a lot of help, she was always very pro-active work. Under the influence of Professor Park, she also make her own efforts for the South Korean exchange projects with the Lander. Very pleased, Boyoung knows  a little Chinese, but also quite right, compared to her, I'm not a bit of Korean grow.

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