Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ice Cream Social

Today,we go to Dr.Ball’s  house for  is Ice Cream Social, everyone invited was excited and thanks for the preparation.There are many studens including some exchange students.

Because of  preparing for the Kimono Show tomorrow ,when we came ,there were a lot of people had already come.

Mrs Ball warmly invited us to eat ice cream ,at the same time, I am also pleased that in today's gathering arranged for me to see the Lander's Host Family - Mo Scott couples. They told me they lived in many parts of the United States, but the favorite is still here, because people here are particularly good! We had e-mail contact before, so when we met today ,feeling very close. I told them they are  my parents in the United States, Ha ha!

        To my surprise, they had arranged for me where they would take me to visit,but they told me it was based on my working schedul.Mo told me that if I am interested, he can take me around the Lander University, a turn over, because he has a plane, but also very professional pilot, and his words are all revealed with excitement.

         I happily accepted his invitation because I am curious .Nancy  is very considerable and asked if I brought a coat and jacket, because the weather here is still relatively cool, and she invited me to shopping a special interest in shopping, which are probably a woman's favorite. They told me “whaever you want to do or whereever you want to do ,please let us know.we're very appreciate to ."It makes me very warmhearted.

        In today's gathering, also met a boy from Zhuhai, , arrived here a month ago, we share a moment in Chinese,and he is the only one I have a face to face with Chinese-speaking person!

        Time flies, two hours had passed, and I helped clean up,went back with Boyoung ! Tomorrow will begin a busy week! Good work! Good life!

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