Saturday, September 17, 2011

I am not alone in USA

        It is the third weekend o the United States , to coincide with Shanghai into a small Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the first Mid-Autumn Festival away from family, away from friends, and my heart  is an instant burst of sorrow and grief. But let me very warm is that I’m invited to the Korean guest, because this festival is as important as the Korean people.

    In the afternoon, under the leadership of professor  Park, we came to one of their friend's house, a very special house, living in the lake, the scenery is beautiful. Professor Park told me about 10 or so South Korean households living in Greenwood, today's gathering a total of four.

    Time to eat, and everyone sitting around the table, self-service their favorite dishes, talking about all topics of interest. At this point, I thought of my family in Shanghai, the Mid-Autumn Festival, my grandparents, parents, and everyone in my family must be very happy to enjoy the delicious cuisine. That morning I telephoned the family, everyone over the phone and I said a few words, although this is not surprising in the usual care, but today, I feel particular weight. Fortunately,before I came to America, we eat dinner with moon cake, can be considered a holiday in advance.

Particularly delicious BBQ for dinner today, I ate two, then seems to forget the "weight loss", who cares, this is always a tomorrow thing. After dinner,I have a chat with  Professor Park in the garden , he asked me the feeling of Americans, in Lander ,everyone is nice. He told me that I am the chinese who he met favorite of the American food, in fact, he did not know, because I can not cook well, ah! But honestly, I really feel good meals here.

    Today we celebrate the birthday of the main people, homemade cake is very attractive, happy with, we also sang karaoke .

Time flies, it was  already 10 o’clock, Park returned to my  apartment.Along the way, there is still great interest today, rich and delicious memorable meals.

I just want to say, in the United States, I never feel alone!

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