Saturday, September 17, 2011

A special weekend

Time goes to the weekend, because of the weather changing, I had a cold, after taking the medcine ,feeling much better.

10:00am, Boyoung called me, she told me that Mrs Park has prepared lunch for us, especially some Chinese food, so we went.

Mrs Park burned chicken porridge, fried dumpling, kimchi, are really delicious. I especially like the porridge, and really, as I hope. After lunch, Boyoung and I went to see the film "Contagion" .Maybe the story not be attractive, or taking medication after a meal, I even sleeping in the cinema for 20 minutes, a look at Boyoung, Oh, she sleep soundly.
Lake Greenwood

Out of the cinema, to reward ourselves, we went to the  Starbucks, and then decided to LAKE GREENWOOD  .Today there is no sunlight, coupled with the relatively late when we went to, so there was relatively deserted, but the scenery good, perhaps in the near future we will put forward a picnic here!

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