Saturday, September 17, 2011

Never to shy to ask

Today Cindy invited me to participate the meeting on Resident Assistant Training Workshop Educantio, this is my first time to take part in one of the division of  the Student Affairs Center.Attending a total of 7 people (including me), summarized the Resident Assistant Training Evaluation from August 19-26.The summary is not simply about good or bad, but give a integrated Evaluation Form and an analysis of each the reason to make a summary of the entire training program and further improvement. I appreciate  the fast-paced, targeted meeting style.

Before the end of the meeting, Cindy asked me what issues need to know more? I probably  asked some question relation to the assistant selection, training, project-specific issues, and whether they can arrang  1-2 student assistants for me to have a look around of the hall.They agreed as soon as possible.

Next week, I have to participate in CAREER SERVICE work. In fact, I’m also trying to adapt themselves to the speed of their speech and communication methods, but found that, in fact, to do homework in advance, there is to "thick-skinned "take the initiative to ask is the best way and the only way to know what you want to know.Vice President RandallBouknight, and Pam has been concerned about my weekly schedule, and then next week, they will arrange for me to STUDENT WELLNESS CENTER, I’m looking  forward to.

To enrich yourself and give yourself a little pressure every day is what  I want to give myself.

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