Monday, August 29, 2011

Initial impression of Lander

    This is the first time to America,of course to Lander.Everyone here is so nice , helpful and the campus is quite beautiful.I'm becoming loving it.
     This is also my first time to leave my parents ,my university for such a long time,but I think it will cernainly be a unfortable experience for my life.
    Mr President Ball,thank you for give me such a nice opportunity to visit Lander.         
    Mr Bouknight,I'm looking foreward to working with you and learn from you ,thank you.
                  Dr.Park,a nice professor from Korea,thanks fo arranging everything considerable for me from May,2011.
                  Mrs Park ,a very elegant woman.You cooked so delicious meal for me .It wams my heart a lot .

    Boyoun,a pretty girl also from Kora,thanks for you accompany and give me sunch nice help.

 Jeff,a humorous man ,you're the first man  I see  of  Lander.Thank you so much for picking me up.

          I'd like to tell you that as the first visting scholar from shanghai ,I will try my best to do more to improve the friendship and more communication between Lander and Shanghai Normal University.
               My life in Lander is now going on !


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