Sunday, October 23, 2011

Interview with Randy

        As is known to all, as a university which has a history of 150 years, Lander has developed into a Multi-disciplinary comprehensive university with four colleges from a college. I have been in Lander for almost 2months, during which I have got along well with staff and students here and have been to every division of Student Affairs to learn more.
      Randall Bouknight,vice president in charge of student affairs spared me the time and gave me the opportunity to talk with him face to face.Our interview lasted for about one and a half hour.We talked a lot about student affairs work and share the difference between China and America.
      I asked Randy a lot not only about his personal experience but also student affairs.Randy told me that he worked in L ander from 1972,and he is glad to have a good work relationship ,all the faculty and staff in the department of student affairs are hard-working and do a good job.Dean of college and professional  teachers support for the development of students ,including study,career service,mental development,etc.Lander has a good network system ,they can  inform  the students from different colleges of  all kinds fo finformation in time.Furthermore,Lander has emergency olans for unexpected incidents,such as suiside,domestic violence ,being lovelorn ,study problems,etc.
        I'm so impressed by the concept of "student-centered",Lander want to cultivate the students to be productive 、respect、good realationship、good personality.And the teachers all want to face and resolve the problem with the students together to help them grow to maturity.Lander also has a lot of opportunity for the students to experience ,such asn Student Government Association,Student Club,to be a Presidential Ambassador,a RA, Cheerleader,Expoleader.From now on ,Randy will promot the 'Life Skill Program' for the students ,focus on educating and developing the "whole"student.The co-curricular  and life skills series are 'leadership development and experience','global and cultural awareness','career preparation',develop and maintain healthy(physically and emotionally),'volunteerism','business etiquette',etc.

      Next week I wil go to Winthrop University to learn  for about three weeks.And I hope I can also have a colourful life there as Lander.I really want to express my gratitude to thank Randy 、Dr.Park、Frank for giving me many opportunities to know more about the westen culture and student affairs work system.

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