Monday, October 10, 2011

A busy weekend

October 8th is the Parents' Day, which is mostly in the fall semester each year to carry out. All parents have come to the school not only to see their children's accommodation, campus surroundings, but also feel Lander beautiful environment.The family can take picture together and get a free beautiful printed photo .They can join the Square music ,have delicious picnic.The event continues from 11:00am  to 2 pm, the weather is good, good environment, good mood.

    The staff of Student Affairs are very busy and hospitable.I’m impressed  that they all love students by heart and look them as their children wherever the come from.

After lunch, Boyoung and I watched the performance named "Trojan Women",directored by Prof. Monique. It is held for 1hour,most actors and actress are from the performance class.Although props are simple, but with wonderful lighting and sound .This is my first experience to enjoy drama performed in English in foreign country.Exciting and enjoyable.

Sunday, after eating early lunch, walked to school, waiting Dr.Cowall (dance teacher) drove us to Greenvill  Peace Center to watch the U.S. Momix dance exotic performances.Throughout the  2 hours and 15 minutes show, I was shocked by the fantastic music and lighting and also very glad having a good time with de students.

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