Thursday, December 1, 2011

My life in Winthrop

It’s really a good opportunity for me to spend three weeks in Winthrop to learn more about the high education system of USA,especially the student affairs.
During the three weeks,I tried everything I was interested.I was invited to many different staff meeting ,I interviewd 13 people working in different department,including vice presidentprofessorsdirectiorsfaculties and some students leaders.I attend a lot of students activities in the campus,such as Homecoming ensemble seriesWinthrop Second Annual Golbal Gamesetc.I was surprised to be the judge of talent show,and had the ticket to enjoy the step-show.I was also lucky to see Jon Huntsman and talked to him in Chinese.(He gave the opening speech in Winthrop and he is the presidential candidate ).
I was so impressed by the ideal of ‘student-cented’in Winthrop as Lander.Frank ,the vice president invited me to attednt the Board of Trustee Meeting and Executive office meeting. I took the picture with the Chair of Board of Trustee and President DiGiorgio.Winthrop has a very beautiful campus center for the students,the students affairs and academic departments collaborate well to propel the students development.
Frank invited me to his ACAD class(all the freshmen are required to take the class,one facultu and one peer mentor)and let me say something about the different between Chinese students and American Students.Acturally,duing my staying in both Lander and Winthrop ,I talked to a lot of students ,and I was impressed by their confidentactivefriendly.I can not represent anyone to tell the difference,just tell my own feeling.I think the Chinese students and American Students have some common points:(1)they all love their country and their university(2)They all enjoy being a volunteer to provide service for the people who need help(3)students organizations are the most importang component of student affairs(4)they all have students honour award(5)they all have some good opportunity to develop and to learn how to get along well with each other,such as RAPresidential Ambassodar(5)The university also like to share the resorce with the community off-campus(6)theay all have a lot of team-training program.
The Chinese students and American students have different culture backgrounddifferent surroundings for grown updifferent education systemso  they definitely have some difference。(1class scopeno more than 22Winthrop),more than 50sometimes over 100China
2behaviour in class:students and teachers can talk to each other freely,and the students never hesitate to ask question ,they can get involved easily and willing to epress disagreement verbally(Winthrop);always be shy,and like to ask question individually or by emailon the website and more difficult to sau no even if one means no,express nonverballyChina(3)objective of education:pay more attention to creative ability(Winthro);py more attention to basic education(4)relationship between teachers and students:more like friends(Winthrop);students also show respect to teachers5part-time job:they should feed themselves after 18 and most of the students have part-time job(Winthrop);some students have part-time job,but most of them are fed by their parents (6)others:preview dayfirst look on FridayACAD classPeer Mentora lot of leadership programuniversity collegehelp prepared for university scholarshipenhance abilityhelp students to have good study habit enhance students achievement programs and enable faculty and staf f involvedwinthrop);have a lot of interacademic activitiesmilitary training for the freshmenparents meeting national competitionsetc.
    AnywayI had a good experience in Winthrop.I can not put everything what I have learned into practice when I back to China,but it really broaden my horizon.I hope our students can be excellent in the future with academic ditegrityfreedom speechpersonal responsibilityglobal and cultural diversityconsideration of otherssocial responsibilitycivil engagement and environmental responsibility.

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